What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)

The concept of Digital Smile Design (DSD) seeks to present to the world a new face of Dentistry that goes further than traditional dentistry and is emotional and extraordinary. It is also more efficient and precise by using digital technology and multidisciplinary study, further enhancing excellence in dental practice and improving patient satisfaction with results.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a worldwide recognized scientific concept that has been used for over 8 years by top dental technicians and dentists from all over the world, that improve the quality of aesthetic dental treatments. Digital Smile Design (DSD) is being applied daily as the most cutting-edge technique with an enhanced focus on the patients’ emotions and aesthetics.

Each design is tailor made to each patient according to their facial and aesthetic features in total harmony with their face, thereby creating a smile that perfectly reflects the personality of each patient, so improving the clinic experience in and outcome for both the patient and dentist due to the applied technology..

The whole concept is based upon the analysis of the patients’ facial and dental proportions, using a predetermined series of high-quality digital photographs and videos that allow us to understand the relationship between teeth, gums, lips and smile with the facial features in motion and the patients’ facial gestures.

The battery of diagnostic tests are transferred to 3D using our software. Then, our multidisciplinary team will study and work on each case to propose the best choice of a comprehensive treatment plan.

The achievement of the desired aesthetic and functional results depends solely on the correct and complete taking of diagnostic tests, interdisciplinary study and work, comprehensive treatment planning and implementation of appropriate technology by expert dental technicians specialized in the digital smile design technique (DSD).

what is digital smile design - dsd

Benefits of Digital Smile Design
  • The patient becomes the co-author of his/her own new smile. The design is completely tailor made to each patient, following their facial features and desires.
  • The DSD Concept allows the patient to test the design before committing.
  • DSD protocol allows you to see and feel the final result of the treatment in your mouth even before it starts, by using the Mock-up DSD simulation process.
  • Digital Technology allows us to accurately reproduce the initial design of our Smile in the Final Treatment Result.
  • DSD Protocol and Technology allows your dentist to carry out a more secure and accurate Diagnosis and Treatment.
  • Well planned treatments usually require 20 to 30% fewer appointments and time. 3D planning also allows procedures to be more delicate and accurate, reducing patient discomfort and recovery time.
  • Thanks to the computer-based treatment planning software, the final result is a healthy, natural and highly aesthetic smile.
  • The main advantages of DSD are the personalized smiles and the possibility of patient participation. The DSD Concept enables the patient to become the co-author of his new smile, and to test the design before committing themselves to the treatment. It also allows for a greater personalization of the smile and harmonization with the personality of the Patient. The Concept also incorporates cutting edge technology that allows patients to be treated more predictably and accuracy, making the final result more similar to the initial project presented and approved by the patient.

The DSD concept allows for more efficiency in the planning and organization of the treatment and therefore generally makes the treatment shorter. Well planned treatments usually require 20 to 30% fewer appointments and time. Digital 3D technology also allows the treatment to be “performed” before even touching the patient, virtually simulating the procedures. With this, we can also pre-fabricate many of the necessary devices, allowing more procedures to be done in the same query. 3D planning also allows procedures to be more delicate and accurate, reducing patient discomfort and recovery time.

This new type of dentistry is fully guided by reducing the margins of error and creating a final result which follows the initial design.

It’s a new and exciting era in dentistry, which further enhances our passion for our profession!

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