Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

If you’ve always wanted to fix that damaged or ugly tooth, or get a straight smile without having to wear braces, then booking a dental tourism holiday to Turkey may be just the ticket.

What Is the Procedure for Hollywood Smile?

You will need to visit your dentist twice for the dental veneers procedure.

  1. Assessment, Treatment Planning and Preparation of Teeth: At your first appointment, the dentist will assess your mouth and teeth and run diagnostic tests, such as x-rays or CT scans. Your dentist will ask you about your goals and expectations for the treatment. If you are suitable, your teeth will be prepared for the veneers. A small amount of enamel is removed from the front of the teeth where the veneers are being placed. This is so the front of the veneers are flush with your other teeth and aren’t sticking out. Once the teeth have been prepared, impressions of your mouth are made to send to the laboratory where your veneers will be custom-fit. Your dentist will arrange an appointment for you to come back and have the veneers fitted once they are back from the lab. This usually takes a few days.
  2. Fitting Veneers: On your second visit, usually a few days later or less, the custom-made veneers are attached using a special adhesive activated by a light. It takes only a matter of moments for each veneer to be securely attached to the tooth, providing a permanent, strong and aesthetically-pleasing result.
Same Day Veneers

Our dental clinic have CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture) technology. This means that instead of your dentist having to make impressions, send them to a lab and wait for the technician to make your veneer, the entire process can be carried out onsite, while you wait. The 3D scans are uploaded onto a computer and your dentist can design your veneers while you are in the chair, with adjustments made onscreen so you can get an immediate and accurate picture of what they will look like. Once you are satisfied, the touch of a button sends the images to an onsite laboratory, where a milling machine will fabricate the veneers and the dentist can fit them same day.

UK and Turkey dental veneers price comparison
Dental Veneers at UK£1460
Dental Veneers in Turkey£220
Dental Holiday Turkey Packages

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