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Hair Transplant Turkey Surgery

PROCEDURE: DHI & FUE Technique Hair Transplant. Removal & Transplantation of healthy hair follicles from non-bald to bald areas.

PROCEDURE TIME: 4-6 Hours per Session

SUCCESS: 90–95% of surgeries are successful, with full results usually visible after 6 months.


  1. Those who are bald or who have thinning hair.
  2. Men and women with a receding hairline.
  3. This hair restoration technique is also suitable for people who’ve lost hair due to a head injury.


Hair Transplant Turkey Package £1500 (Maximum Grafts). The price includes free hotel accommodation and transfer services (Airport, Hotel, Clinic).


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  1. Hair Transplantation
  2. Tummy Tuck
  3. Liposuction
  4. Botox
  5. Laser Hair Removal

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