Prices of Dental Implants in Turkey

Prices of Dental Implants in Turkey

Save up 70% on dental implants in Turkey with dental clinics. Turkey offers huge savings – up to 80-85% – and with a great choice of locations you can enjoy a holiday or recuperation while you get your dental treatment & holiday.

Dental Implant Prices – UK£3000€3600
Dental Implant Prices – TURKEY£340 – £700€385 – €790

*The table below shows the cost of dental implants in Turkey compared to the UK, Ireland and other countries.

How Long is the Dental Implants Procedure?

It’s important to bear in mind that the complete procedure typically takes two trips—and sometimes three if you have bone loss and need to have a bone graft prior to the implant procedure.

The dental implant procedure usually consists of three parts:

  • Dental implant
  • Dental abutment
  • Zirconia Crown (Metal / Porcelain)

Why Choose Turkey?

Turkey’s diverse landscapes provide the usual Mediterranean vistas of olive groves and miles of sandy, white beaches. It also has uniquely wonderful topography you won’t see anywhere else.

You’ll find all the trappings for a great holiday: restaurants, bars and shopping, as well as activities including windsurfing, diving, kayaking and canyoning in the mountains, traditional gulet cruises around the Aegean and Mediterranean, paragliding off Babadog Mountain in Oludeniz and more.

And of course you should try Turkish kebabs, get a massage in a traditional hammam (Turkish bath) and barter for trinkets, spices and lamps in a Turkish bazaar.

As a dental tourist, you won’t want for anything to have a good time in Turkey, and there will be more than enough to occupy your time in between dental appointments, or recuperate post-treatment.

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