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    • Implant + Abutment (Deutsche Brand): £360
    • Implant + Abutment + Porcelain Crown: £470
    • Implant + Abutment + Zirconia Crown: £525
    • Porcelain Crown: £110
    • Zirconium Crown: £165
    • E-Max Veneers: £220
    • Hotel Accommodation
    • Transfer (Airport – Clinic – Hotel)
    • Consultation & Check Up
    • X-Ray (2D Scan)
    • Volumetric Tomography (3D Scan)

    Why Select Us?

    To date, our dental clinic (Turcountry & Dental Holiday Turkey) has performed over 30,000 dental implant surgeries and has undertaken over 40,000 smile design for our patients, earning our dentists invaluable experience. We have achieved world quality standards while taking great care of the comfort, well-being and health of our patients. One of the reasons for our success is that we keep up-to-date with the latest innovations and utilise the very latest dental technology.

    While undergoing your VIP dental treatment at our state-of-the-art clinic you can enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine during both the summer and winter months.

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